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The Buzz - Christmas Countdown

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The Bees Knees Kids

Specialising in babywear, kidswear and accessories.


Welcome to our newsletter - 'The Buzz': the newsletter of The Bees Knees Kids. Thank you for subscribing. For additional updates, offers and discussions join our 5000 plus 'likers' on our Facebook page. "It really is the bees knees!" You may also want to check out our Vintage Kid Facebook page where around 3000 'likers' chat about our own clothing range as well as other interesting topics. "Some things never go out of style."

In this edition of 'The Buzz' we will be featuring last minute Christmas gift ideas, thanking our Mums of the Month, advising you about the Last Post for Christmas and our Photo Wall of Fame.

Christmas Countdown - Last Minute Gift Ideas

With only 10 days to Christmas here's some last minute gift ideas. Remember to choose Express Post so that your parcel is delivered promptly in time for the big day. Check out some exciting new products (below) and gear for when you are in the car and on the go!

 goldbug - car organiser.jpg  goldbug - quick view mirror.jpg goldbug - snap on clip double pack in red.jpg
Car Organiser
Monkey Quick View Mirror
Snap On Clips so handy for when out with baby!

goldbug 2 in 1 harness buddy - poodle.jpg

 vulli magical treehouse.jpg mudpie santa longalls.jpg 
Two in 1 Harness Buddy Magic Tree House Boys Santa Suit
 mud pie reindeer towel.jpg  breeze baby black sling.jpg woolly wugs - twin pack 1 midnight blue 1 red.jpg 
Reindeer Towel Breeze Baby Sleeping Bags
 my little angel baby angel charm.jpg my little angel bracelet.jpg   vintage kid planes hat.jpg
My Little Angel Charms My Little Angel Bracelet Vintage Kid
Plane Hat
 vintage kid owl hankie dress.jpg  vintage kid charm halter neck dress.jpg  vintage kid planes nappy cover.jpg
Vintage Kid
 Hankie Dress
Vintage Kid
Halter Neck Dress
Vintage Kid
Nappy Cover

Last Post for Christmas

To ensure that your purchases arrive in time for Christmas we recommend that you choose Express Post when checking out.
If you live on the east coast of Australia last Express Post Orders should be made no later than 7 pm (EDST) on Monday 20 December 2010 to arrive in time for Christmas. We post every weekday that Australian Post is open and ship your paid for goods the day we receive payment.
If you live in Western Australia last orders to arrive in time for Christmas should be made before 4 pm (WST) on Tuesday 21 December 2010.

Mums of the Month

A big thank you to all our Mums of the Month for 2010. Your stories have enriched our lives. Thank you for your courage to share your journey with us. Have a fabulous time with your young ones this Christmas.

Check out all the latest merchandise and past editions of 'The Buzz' at the The Bees Knees Kids!

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Christmas and prosperous 2011!

Until next time, keep your kids buzzing.

Kind Regards,


The Bees Knees Kids



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Three Little Trees

The Buzz - Beat the Christmas Rush

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The Bees Knees Kids  

Specialising in babywear, kidswear and accessories.   


Welcome to our newsletter - 'The Buzz': the newsletter of The Bees Knees Kids. Thank you for subscribing. For additional updates, offers and discussions join our  5000 'likers' on our Facebook page. "It really is the bees knees!"

In this edition of 'The Buzz' we give you ideas to beat the Christmas rush, showcase some new toys as well as cool Christmas gear and our Photo Wall of Fame.


Beating the Christmas Rush  


Christmas will be here sooner than we think. Many of us are so busy and want to avoid the shopping centres even with extended trading hours! Why not shop from home with The Bees Knees Kids and have your Christmas shopping delivered to you door? Here's some ideas to get your thinking.




ergo baby carrier performance.jpg


breeze baby black sling.jpg

 ed kidz baby ears muffs.png

musical photo buddies.jpg

  cushie tushies swim nappies.jpg

 my little angel bracelet.jpg
 hip little bubba lily swing top.jpg hip little bubba juilette dress.jpg  goldbug harness buddy.jpg 
 clothing by lily violet dress.jpg  clothing by lily scarlett dress.jpg stella cove bikini la boheme.jpg 


New Toys 


Do you remember having the Magic Treehouse as toy when you were growing up? We'll they're back! Check out this classic toy and Sophie the Giraffe for the young ones!magic treehouse.jpgsophie the giraffe.jpg


Cool Christmas Gear

Want something cool for Christmas this year? Have a squiz at this gear from Mud Pie.

mud pie bloomers.jpgmud pie ornament.jpgmud pie tutu.jpgmud pie christmas ornament.jpgmud pie reindeer.jpg
       Bloomers            Ornament                  Tutu                    Ornament     Reindeer Towel

Check out all the latest merchandise and past editions of 'The Buzz' at the The Bees Knees Kids!

Until next time, keep your kids buzzing.

Kind Regards,


The Bees Knees Kids



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Three Little Trees

The Buzz - October 2010

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The Bees Knees Kids

Specialising in babywear, kidswear and accessories.


Welcome to our newsletter - 'The Buzz': the newsletter of The Bees Knees Kids. We aim to assist parents in the nurture of the children in their care.

In this edition of 'The Buzz' we will be featuring Are You A Facebook Liker?, Mum of the Month, Toddler Toilet Training, Hot Deals, New Arrivals, Book Recommendations, Useful Videos, and our Fan Photos Wall of Fame!

As an Early Childhood Teacher I really believe that by providing our children with the best start to life with as many fun filled learning experiences in their own home we can nurture a real passion for learning!

Are You A Facebook Liker?

Do you like to connect to other mums, stay in touch with the latest news, arrivals and hot deals at The Bees Knees Kids? If you are not already a 'liker' of our The Bees Knees Kids Facebook page then 'like' us on Facebook and join our 4000 plus 'likers'. We would love to the chance to catch up with you.

Hot Deals

We are MAJOR fans of RuffleButts and to celebrate the NEW arrivals we are giving you the opportunity to get 20% off everything EXCEPT for Pettiskirts, Socks, Giftsets and Embroidery items. Help us spread the word and spread the smiles and ruffles across Australia. Use coupon code LUVRUFFLEBUTTS!Valid until FRIDAY 8th October. So be quick!!

We are happy to share that Monte & Tex, Sooki Baby, Sosooki, Boabab and RuffleButts have arrived! The only other label we are currently waiting on is The Three Little Trees which we expect to arrive towards the end of next week as soon as these arrive all pre orders will be sent off EXPRESS post. We apologise for the delay which was due to typhoons as well as clearing Australian customs.

New Arrivals
 ruffebutts set.jpg rufflebutts playground short.jpg 

Rufflebutts buy in set- Save 10%
Plus FREE Embroidery

New playground shorts!

 rufflebutts pettiskirts.jpg

rufflebutts socks.jpg

Preordering available for Rufflebutts
Pettiskirts (Fuschia & Pink)

arriving mid October!

Rufflebutts socks

 sosooki skirt.jpg

three little trees pirate singlet.jpg


Three Little Trees

 sooki baby tshirt.jpg

oomoo red bike.jpg

Sooki Baby

Oomoo Balance Bikes

Toddler Toilet Training

In our household Miss Eva (2) has had a sudden interest in sitting on the toilet which is something that we are trying to encourage! Some things to encourage toileting:
1. Get lots of books and DVDs that focus on going to the toilet.
2. Get a doll that can drink and wee and let your toddler help to teach her to go to the potty or toilet.
3. We try and make it as fun as possible especially and celebrate when she does anything.
4. When you go to the toilet ask your toddler if they need to go too.
5. Have a reward chart some children are very visual so reward charts can be great to encourage toileting.
6. As the weather warms up perhaps allowing your toddler to go nappy free (we did this with Eli and although it took around 1 month for him to be fully trained during the day it was stress free) do remember there will be accidents to clean up.
7. The key too is lots of patience and encouragement.
8. Most of the time your children should show some signs of readiness. For example, Eva will tell me she needs the toilet.
9. If there are older siblings in the house they will usually learn from example and copying.
10. Check out the videos and articles below.

Watch Dr Phil on Potty Training. I loved this and great to see how to use a doll as a model.

Loved this by Dr Sears - Toilet Training Tips for Busy Mums.

Some great articles from:


Toilet Training & Older Children Bedwetting

Useful Videos

 Sesame Street Elmos Potty TimeBear in the Big Blue House: Potty Time With Bear Potty Book and Doll Package - HenryPotty Book and Doll Package - Hannah


Book Recommendations

Zoo Poo: A First Toilet Training BookThe Potty CaddyIt's Potty Time for Boys: Potty Training Made Easy! [Board book]I Want My Potty (Little Princess)Stress-free Potty Training (Teach Yourself - General)


Mum of the Month - Hayley Matheson, Kalgoorlie WA

Life with Charlotte...charlotte.jpg
When we found out we were expecting baby number 2 Wade, Kobi and I couldn't be happier. My pregnancy went smoothly and labour and delivery was only 5.5hrs. Charlotte was welcomed in to the world and our family at 10.39pm on November 2, 2009. She was perfect and looked exactly like her brother did when he was born.

Life was great and Charlotte fit straight in to our family. On the 12th of November there was a knock at the door. It was late and we weren't expecting anyone, my mum was already here in Kalgoorlie visiting from QLD to help us out with Kobi (5). I opened the door and to my surprise my Dad was standing there. He had told me he wouldn't be able to make it - which is odd for Dad!

Dad had his first cuddles with Charlotte and the first thing he said was that breathing was fast. I had noticed but thought that was just her.The next night (Friday the 13th) as we got ready for a family BBQ, I was chatting to a family friend on Facebook who is a midwife in QLD . I asked her what the normal breathing rate was for a baby and she said 60. My Mum and I both counted and got 74. Ruth rang me straight away, told me it was too fast, pack a bag, go to the hospital and don't leave until I see a paediatrician. I immediately started to panic but did as she said. Off Mum and I went to emergency. We saw a doctor and he agreed it was a bit fast and got the Paed. It was all go from there.

Charlotte was admitted to hospital, they took blood, put drips in and hooked her up to monitors. It was awful seeing her like this. At first they thought she had Strep B as I had tested positive while pregnant. The test came back negative, then they thought she had Gastro. I fed her at 4am on the 14th and a few hours later her chest had started to recess. They ordered a chest X-ray and found her heart was too big. Our little baby girl at just 11 days old had a broken heart.

Wade and I and the rest of the family were in shock. I asked myself so many questions, why, how, what did I do wrong? The hospital contacted PMH in Perth and RFDS and by that afternoon we were on a plane out of there. On arrival at PMH, the cardio team met us and did an echo. Charlotte had coarctation of the aorta. She was hooked up to so many machines, and had lines going in everywhere. On Monday November 16, Charlotte had closed heart surgery to repair the coarctation. The surgery was successful and she was out by the end of the week.

Today Charlotte is a healthy, happy 10.5 month old and you wouldn't even know there was anything wrong. She has the neatest scar along her shoulder blade, but like my mum says - 'Scars are like tattoos but with better stories.'

Check out all the latest merchandise and past editions of 'The Buzz' at the The Bees Knees Kids!

Until next time, keep your kids buzzing.

Kind Regards,


The Bees Knees Kids



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Three Little Trees

The Buzz - September 2010

If you have trouble reading this email, view it in your browser.


The Bees Knees Kids

Specialising in babywear, kidswear and accessories.


Welcome to our newsletter - 'The Buzz': the newsletter of The Bees Knees Kids. We aim to assist parents in the nurture of the children in their care.

In this edition of 'The Buzz' we will be featuring the Retailer of the Year!, how to get kids to sleep, a Mum of the Month who describes her amazing birth story, What's New in our online store, grabbing the latest Bargain, Book Recommendations, Useful Videos, a child friendly recipe, mumtrepreneurs and the opportunity to show off your child on our Fan Photos Wall of Fame!

As an Early Childhood Teacher I really believe that by providing our children with the best start to life with as many fun filled learning experiences in their own home we can nuture a real passion for learning!

Retailer of the Year!kfra_akwo_low.jpg

HOORAY! We are so happy to share with everyone that we won The Best Online Retailer for Kidswear in Australia for 2010 with Kids Fashion Review. This was conducted in an Independent Kids Fashion Review Survey that was done by the Public and many customers. We want to just say a big thank you for you support and without your votes we could have won the award!

What's New?

Monte& Tex is a NEW addition which we are so excited to have added ready for pre-ordering stock arriving early to mid September!!

 monte n tex kaftan.jpg

monte n tex tea dress.jpg

Monte and Tex Kaftan

Monte and Tex Tea Dress

rufflebutts swing top red.jpg

baobab fuschia mesh dress.jpg

Rufflebutts Swing Top
Baobab Mesh Dress
kireisui tutu and numbered top.jpg three little trees toliet paper mummy singlet.jpg
Kireisui Tutu and
Numbered Top
Three Little Trees - Toilet Paper Mummy

Help Getting Your Child To Sleep

Here's a wonderful article that may help you with your little treasure (and you!) to find sleep.


Useful Videos

I remember being pregnant with my first child almost feeling overwhelmed about what was about to come although I was so excited and thrilled to meet my new baby I was also quite anxious about things like feeding, sleeping and coping with being a new Mum. It is a big role to fill and I don't think anyone can prepare enough for what comes with the demands of being a new Mum. I was fortunate enough to be watching Dr Phil at the time featuring Dr Harvey Karp who has such an incredible way with calming babies! As soon as I watched him in action I didn't even hesitate I bought the DVD The Happiest Baby on the Block and we watched a few times before Eli was born and then a few times when he was born and we used it all the time!

I remember people commenting on how calm he was and they would look at us puzzled with us holding him on his side totally content! Oh of course Sean would beam quite proudly and demonstrate to people all the 5's this was also great for him as he could give me a break from all the feeding and could be an active participant in helping as well as bonding with the children. I honestly don't know how I would have coped without the information that I had. Dr. Harvey Karp is a nationally renowned pediatrician, child development specialist and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the USC School of Medicine.

The Miracle Blanket is also a GREAT product that we stock to help with swaddling of new babies! We used these ourselves and LOVED it easy to used and it works! Watch babies go from crying to calm in seconds!!

Book Recommendations

no cry sleep solution.jpghappiest baby on the block.jpghappiest toddler on the block.jpgits time to sleep my love.jpgits time to sleep you crazy sheep.jpgsleeping in a big bed.jpg


Mum of the Month - Renee Clarke 

I wanted to share with you the amazing birth of my gorgeous little Girl Laila. Although she is 2 now I still think her entrance into the world is a good one.

rene 1a.jpgOn the 10th July 2008 2:54am I was woken by pains in my tummy, I whacked my husband after an hour of wondering if "the" time had come. "Honey, I think it's time" sleepy and confused his reply was "Oh crap ok I won't go to work today!" At 6am I rang my mum and my sister who were to be my birthing partners along with my husband and they came with breakfast.

We walked the streets stopping every so often for a contraction and this went on for hours. I suddenly got the urge to go shopping! We went to the supermarket to get some foods that I thought I wanted to eat and as I turned into the shelf to contain myself from a contraction I looked down to see a little girl staring at me in sheer horror! The poor thing had no idea what was going on.. By 6pm that evening I had well and truly had enough, the contractions were anywhere between 8-10 mins apart and I was exhausted. I finally managed to talk the mid wives into allowing me to come in for a check-up as they had declined previously and told me I would be like this for days (OH MY GOODNESS!!!)

The examination proved that the baby was well and truly there but I hadn't dilated at all. So we went home and I sent mum and sis home too, my husband and I shared the lounge and every 8 mins I rolled off and pushed.. At 4am I told him to go to bed and I would try and sleep too. come 5:30 the contractions were so strong I jumped in the shower for some relief, I stayed in there for a good hour and a half (thank goodness for a massive water tank) and by this time it was 7am, we called the mid wives again who had said I wasn't in labour and I was only experiencing "pre labour" (OH MY GOODNESS AGAIN!!!)

I begged them to let me come in and they refused saying I hadn't even dilated but I knew deep down something was going on.. By this stage I was quite cranky and threw the phone at my husband and kept on pushing. My morning sickness had come back so I was sitting on the toilet leaning over the bath vomiting at the same time. they had told him to give me some panadol and sleep the pain away!! (Ha-ha anyone who has gone through labour would know it is impossible to sleep in THAT much pain) so I took the panadol and walked back to my room to hear a big "pop" something sounding like a water balloon breaking and the trickle of water down my legs, almost instantly I needed to go to the toilet so I tried walking back to the bathroom but couldn't close my legs, I said to my husband "I can't move, it's coming". He replied, "Get in the car." "But I can't move I can feel its hair". Again, "Get in the car don't be ridiculous" By this time I was sitting on the toilet pushing my baby girl out,

rene 2a.jpgI begged him to call the ambulance which he did and they told him to get me off the toilet and put me on the bed with some sheets and towels, We did this and whilst on the phone to them they told him how to deliver a baby, He freaked out when he saw her little head popping out and said, "Bub you're doing a really good job, now just hang on a minute." He ran into the hallway and said to them, "Oh my god I can see its head." We had full length mirrors so I could see everything that was happening also!! So I kept pushing and with four big pushes this absolutely perfect, alert, healthy little girl entered our lives...

For five minutes it was just the three of us. He put her on my belly, she had a tiny cry, sneezed and then sucked her fingers and we looked at each other in total awe of the perfection we had created. Laila Joy born 9:35am 11th July 2008.. The ambulance turned up five minutes later; I managed to deliver the placenta in the ambulance on the side of the road in front of a work site which happened to be having their morning tea break. There is no stranger feeling than pushing out a placenta, legs in the air with three men leaning on their shovels smoking cigarettes! I turned to my husband who was smiling down on his baby girl and said, "You have done such a good job today, you can name her whatever you like." He replied, "Can I call her Laila??" Absolutely! She looks like a Laila and is the absolute apple of her daddy's eye. The bond that was made that day between the three of us is one that will never be replaced nor duplicated. We are all so happy and love each other with every little bit of our hearts. We will soon welcome another little person into our lives and Laila is super excited about being a sister.. I would give anything to experience that feeling again with this new little person but know it will have its own story to tell... I hope you enjoy my story, I love reliving the moment and sharing our joy with whoever will listen.

Swiss Roll Recipe - by Bernice

This is a great recipe which I got from high school from our Home Economics class and still has an use to this day!!

Ingredients:swiss roll.jpg
4 eggs
200ml sugar
250ml flour
1 ml salt
10ml baking powder
25ml water / 12.5 ml lemon juice

1. Beat eggs and sugar until thick and creamy
2. Sift flour, baking powder and salt
3. Fold in dry ingredients
4. Use lemon juice / water to thin mixture down if necessary
5. Pour mixture into greased into a greased lined swiss roll tin
6. Bake at 200 degrees on the top shelf for approximately 10 minutes
7. While the swiss roll is baking wet and clean a dish towel and sprinkle it with sugar
8. When golden brown turn onto a damp cloth and carefully peel of baking paper trim off edges.
9. Roll it up and allow to cool
10. Unroll once it has cooled down and spread with your chosen filling. Our favourite is caramel YUM!

Meet Mumtrepreneurs of the Month Catherine and Michelle of Cushie Tushies!! As cath.jpgany expectant mum, Michelle Fowler wanted to provide the best for her new baby. After researching all the options available to clothe her baby’s bottom, she decided that Modern Cloth Nappies were ideal. The birth of Shell’s first son in 2005 provided the inspiration for the very first Cushie Tushies nappy: “I wanted the benefits of cloth with the ease of disposables – I was looking for all-in-one that was absorbent, easy to use, in fun, brightly coloured fabrics. At the time, there weren’t too many options within my limited budget that covered all the bases, so I created my own!”                   Cath (right)

It was such a fun and effective product that word spread. Pretty soon, Shell was making nappies for friends and strangers alike and, with the help of our customers’ feedback, the Cushie Tushie developed into the popular All In One cloth nappy that it is today. One friend who got into these early Cushie Tushies was Catherine Langman. Now business partner, Cath’s background is in corporate advertising. But the ethical dilemma of designing packaging for a tobacco company and the boredom of creating advertising for a bank drove the mother-of-two to seek a more professionally satisfying and family-friendly role. So, after having used Shell’s nappies for two years, Cath jumped at the opportunity to join her in business!

shell.jpgThe Cushie Tushies team now includes two partners: founder Shell, as Design and Production Director and Cath as Marketing, Sales and Financial Director. We are both mothers who wish to strike a balance between work and family – spending quality time at home with our children whilst nurturing and challenging our professional, creative and business interests. Shell (left)

Shell and Cath are joined by a small staff, including Shell’s brother Damien, mother of four Belinda, and mum of one Rachel, in the warehouse. Helping out Cath are Heather in graphic design and mum of two Cecelia looking after wholesale accounts. We are also supported by a growing team of sales women – our Cushie Tushies Consultants are all mothers and former customers who are now spreading their love of cloth all around Australia! A typical day at Cushie Tushies is fairly hectic… The warehouse team are usually flat chat packing and dispatching orders, checking and receiving stock, refilling shelves and telling Cath that we need more brochures, bags or boxes.

Cath and Cecelia have been working hard at finding retail stockists to take on our range. We feel it is very important to make modern cloth as equally available as disposables – the customer demand is certainly there, but retailers can be very conservative and take some convincing! In amongst this hive of activity, we hear from a lot of customers, which we love! Many lovely comments and testimonials, and others who are still getting the hang of using cloth and who have various questions. We love helping them all out and take so much pleasure and pride in getting as many people using cloth successfully as possible!

We also enjoy and take seriously our role in our community, and as such we frequently run fundraising activities, for example our recent Jeans for Genes campaign where we donated 25% of the profit of every Denim nappy sold to the charity. We also have an ongoing commitment to the Working Wonders Foundation , where we donate 25% of the profit from each Dude nappy to help raise funds for much needed research into childhood illnesses.

We are HUGE fans of Cushie Tushies and use them ourselves! We have found it has saved alot of money and is so easy to use and is even more convenient than disposable nappies in that you save money it is easy care and you get to use them again and again! THIS MONTHS SPECIAL PROMOTION! GREAT OFFER FOR THE MONTH OF SETPEMBER ONE NOT TO BE MISSED!! BUY any 3 of the Basix Cushie Tushies and get the 4th FREE!!

The Winter Range for 2010 is on sale and has been flying out the door. With discounts up to 40% off be sure to check it out and more at the The Bees Knees Kids!

Until next time, keep your kids buzzing.

Kind Regards,


The Bees Knees Kids


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Monte and Tex Kaftan

Monte and Tex Tea Dress

The Buzz - August 2010

If you have trouble reading this email, view it in your browser.

The Bees Knees Kids

Specialising in babywear, kidswear and accessories.


Dear %%First Name%%,

Welcome to our newsletter - 'The Buzz': the newsletter of The Bees Knees Kids. We aim to assist parents in the nurture of the children in their care.

In each edition of 'The Buzz' we will be featuring a retailer of the year?, Th e Bees Knees Kids Story, a Mum of the Month highlighting pregnancies, birth stories, the first few weeks of the new arrival and more, what to do with a fussy eater, what's new in our online store, grabbing the latest bargain, book recommendations, helpful videos, and the opportunity to show off your child on our Fan Photos Wall of Fame!

As an Early Childhood Teacher I really believe that by providing our children with the best start to life with as many fun filled learning experiences in their own home we can nature a real passion for learning!

Retailer of the Year?

FIRSTLY we are very excited and honoured to announce that we have been nominated for Australian Kids Wear Online Retailer of the Year 2010 PLEASE support us and cast your vote if you haven’t done so already there are FABULOUS prizes to be won!!


Click on the link to vote and be in the running to win some great prizes!!

Sosooki, Sooki Baby and Chino Kids Summer 2010 have arrived and are excited huge range limited stock!

I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to my gorgeous sister-in-law Lorraine for standing in and helping out with all orders and deliveries while we were on holiday and whenever I need and extra helping hand! THANK YOU. You are AWESOME!

Thank youBernice (on the left) and Lorraine (right).

The Bees Knees Has A Heart for Kids

When we conceived the idea of The Bees Knees Kids we wanted more than an online Boutique store where we could provide customers with great stand out of the crowd items. In our personal lives we have always loved to give and help in some way and this did not change in our Business venture.  Before beginning The Bees Knees Kids we already had 5 sponsor children with Compassion and wanted a way to provide for even more and help those in need. I think because my roots are in Africa (I am a former South African) I have seen extreme poverty and have a real passion in helping in some way especially those babies and children without a voice...

Those babies and children that have been orphaned through aids, war or tragedy and don’t have any hope. We are really honoured and proud to be connected to Compassion and Feed the Children. These organisations help and save babies and children one and a time and give them a hope and a future and give them worth as a human being.  As we at The Bees Knees Kids goes  from strength to strength we get so excited because this means our giving increases and more children are rescued and that makes The Bees Knees Kids all worthwhile to us and we couldn’t do it without our valuable customers so for this we want to Thank You!

As we know here in Australia, early childhood is an extremely critical time for our children and sets the stage for their future well-being.  Without a healthy start, a child’s chances of normal development are limited. 

Tragically almost 9 million children die each year from preventable causes before they reach their fifth birthday.  More than one third of these children die during the first month of life, usually at home and without access to essential health services and basic commodities that might save their lives.

The United Nations Millennium Development Goal number 4 aims to reduce the global under-five mortality rate by two thirds by the year 2015.  Since 1990, the international community has reduced the number of children who die each year from preventable causes from 12.5 million to 8.8 million, but there is still a long way to go.  We want to see another 5 million children alive and thriving each year by the year 2015.  Compassion seeks to be a part of this through the Child Survival Program.

Compassion’s Child Survival Program directly addresses the issues of child mortality, malnutrition and preventable disease which needlessly threaten the lives of young children born into poverty by providing early interventions.  Compassion works with mums from conception, providing pre-natal care, assisted child birth, post-natal care and income generating activities. 

The Bees Knees Kids is partnering with Compassion by supporting the mothers of these children to help them to not only survive until they turn five, but to thrive in a healthy, happy environment.  We invite you to work with us toward the goal of another 5 million children alive and thriving by 2015 by supporting Compassion’s child survival program.

If you would like to find out more about the ‘5 million more’ campaign, please check this our Compassion’s website to get more involved:

Compassion Child Survival Program

About Feed The Children
Founded in 1979, Feed The Children is consistently ranked as one of the 10 largest international charities in the U.S., based on private, non-government support. Feed The Children is a Christian, international, nonprofit relief organization with headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that delivers food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to individuals, children and families who lack these essentials due to famine, war, poverty or natural disasters. In FY 2008, Feed The Children distributed more than 133 million pounds of food and other essentials to children and their families in all 50 states and internationally, supplementing more than 760,000 meals each day. Since its founding, the organization has reached out to help those in need in 119 countries around the globe. For more information, please visit:

What's New?
kirei sui tutu pink.jpg kirei sui pettiskirt.jpg 

Birthday Tutu’s Ages 1 to 3

Petti Sets


rufflebutts tights.jpg

New range of Legwarmers!

Ruffled Tights

 rufflebutts tank top.jpg

Summer Apparel
Sooki Sosooki Baby
Chino Kids

Tank Tops

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What To Do With A Fussy Eater?

I am not sure if anyone else out there feels like me but at times when it comes to cooking and preparing meals I feel so unmotivated especially when I go to all of the effort of making something really great and the kids won’t touch it!! Is there anyone else out there with fussy eaters?  Here is some great tips from Raising Children’s Network to help us Mums out!


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Mum of the Month

My Birth Experience – Becci Holloway
Barry John – 3lb 6oz and Rachel Anne – 2lb 12oz (born 30th Jan 2009 gestation; 30wks)

n770959101_1524048_5191153.jpg19th Jan 2009: I had been flown to Perth (from Geraldton) at 28 weeks due to ruptured membranes (scientific way of saying my waters broke). I had had the most relaxing enjoyable pregnancy so it was very much a surprise however we did know there was a risk of early delivery seeing as we were having twins. It was very much a waiting game. No one could tell me when I would be giving birth it was just a matter of waiting and trying to keep them in as long as possible. The first 2 days I received 2 Steroid injections to promote lung development so that if our twins were born at 28 weeks they would have a better chance of having good lungs.

The next 10 days involved a lot of lying down, ultrasounds and blood tests not to mention the twice daily heart rate checks that involved me lying completely still while being attached to a machine that read their heart rates and breathing patterns. It was pretty boring and after a week they finally let me out for one hour it was bliss... But then it was back to bed rest... Needless to say I watched a lot of Foxtel over those few days Thanks to my Grandparents who hired me the TV instead of buying flowers... It was a Godsend...

Thursday 29th Jan 10: 8.30pm I had had a sore back the entire time I was in Hospital. The beds were not very comfy and being bed ridden for 10 days had made me quite stiff not to mention the impact 2 babies was having on my back, so when my back pain got a little worse I thought nothing of it. It was obviously just the bed I thought. I decided to take a hot shower... that always helped if I had a sore back while pregnant... This brought no relief so after nearly 2 weeks of saying NO to Panadol I called the nurse and asked for some. This raised alarm bells with her as they had offered me panadol while I had been there and I kept saying No for fear of hurting the babies they assured me it was safe but I still had my reservations. I assured her I was not in labour... I didn’t even have contractions, how could I be? I had spoken to my mum (who lived near King Eddies) not long before and had told her about my back pain. I could almost hear the smile in her voice as she said ‘I think you’re in labour darling’. The nurse laid me down and felt my stomach and sure enough much to my surprise I was having contractions. I called my husband who was in Geraldton at the time and told him to keep the phone nearby as I was heading to the labour ward and he would get a call if we needed him to make the 4 ½ hour journey to Perth. I was taken to the labour ward where a nurse (and student doctor) checked to see how far I was dilated. After a manual check they realised I was 4cm. That was it... it was all on from there. I called my husband and he started his journey. Mum was 20 minutes away although it felt like a lot longer.

10pm: In the labour suit, after 6mnths of saying I would never have an epidural, I was begging for it. There was a wait while the anaesthetist attended to the lady next door. While waiting I was given the gas which was not quite the blissful experience I thought it would be. I felt drunk (which is a feeling I actually don’t like) so it seemed to not help the way I had planned it to. Pete had called once and after hearing me willowing in pain and self-pity in the background he decided it best not to call again and to just drive as fast as he could. I was now well and truly in labour and feeling every contraction more intensely then the last. And to be honest I have no idea how far apart they were... I was leaving the timing up to the nurses. By this point there were 2 Midwives, 2 student nurses, 2 Paediatricians, 2 student peads, 1 Surgeon (just in case), my mum and me. Not to mention the 3 students that kept popping their heads in to have a look throughout the night. We were quite the circus act. After what seemed to be about 12 hours (which was really more like 1) the anaesthetists was finally here...

We opted for the hour spinal block which allowed me to feel contractions and know when to push without the intense pain. He did get it in the wrong spot the first time but at the second attempt it was in and almost instantly I felt relieved. It was now 12am 30th Jan 2009.

12.15am The contractions were coming fast and strong... no pain but still I felt them. All of a sudden I had a massive urge to push. The nurses had their back to me at that time. One turned ‘did you just push?’ she asked. ‘I can’t help it. I’m trying not to’. That was a clear sign that something was about to happen so they told me to push when I felt the urge...  It felt like only a few minutes of pushing and our first babies head was out... ‘One more big push’ the nurse said.....

It’s a girl... She was so tiny and yet so perfect. There was no time for the baby on the chest moment. She went straight to the peads to be checked. This was 12.35am. Not long after Rachel was born, Peter called he was only half way to Perth. He had missed the first baby would he make it for the second.

Believe it or not I managed to get in about 10 minutes sleep (light sleep but sleep none the less). There was one nurse sitting beside me holding my stomach to prevent our second baby from flipping as he was head down and we wanted him to stay that way. He was quite high up so one of the doctors decided to manually pull him down... That was it I lost all my dignity then... lol While she was trying to get a grip of him, she popped his waters and all of a sudden I hears ‘Quick! Get the stirrups’.  After our babies waters had been popped its heart rate dropped so it was all hands on deck to get him out. They assured me this was fine and that it would just help encourage the baby and then it could be monitored properly. Again it was only a few pushes and the ‘one more big push, here it comes...’ Our little boy... He was beautiful. They put him on my chest for all of 5 seconds... it was the best 5seconds id ever experienced. He was again so tiny and yet the most perfect thing I had ever seen.

They were both taken to the Neonatal Care Unit (NCU) and I had a chance to get cleaned up and showered while I waited for Pete. Sadly he missed both births. I chose to wait for him before I went to see them so we could meet our babies together. When he finally got there we made our way to the nursery to see them. They were so small. Newborn nappies were folded in half to fit them and they were wrapped in bubble wrap to keep them warm. They were both on oxygen. It was very easy to become intimidated by all the machines, cords and beeping in the nursery but we quickly learned what all the beeps meant.

n770959101_1524050_5194524.jpgBarry and Rachel were in Hospital four weeks (Barry) and 7weeks (Rachel) which very little setbacks. There was jaundice and Rach had some issues putting weight on but over all they did amazingly. They were tube fed for 6 weeks and then were slowly introduced to breast/bottle feeding. A few extra tests and a couple of extra doctor’s appointments in the first year but other than that they are no different from any children born full term. It could have been a lot worse we were very blessed to have 2 healthy happy babies.

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Until next time, keep your kids buzzing.

Kind Regards,


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